Plastic & metal

Injection moulding in plastics, rubber and silicone

We can offer you everything from concept, design and tool-making in plastics manufacturing and injection moulding to the extrusion of thermoplastics and silicone products. When necessary we can also provide design assistance and/or proposals of cost-saving modifications and alterations. Injection moulding is performed in machines from 25 tons up to 800 tons. Various types of double moulding processes, inserts and other more advanced methods are part of our everyday work. Our production philosophy makes cost-effective production possible for both short and long runs.

The flexible producer with high technical competence

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Through our sales offices in Sweden and personal visits we will help you find the best solution taking into consideration your requirements concerning execution, cost, function and quality. Contact us and we will quickly produce a proposal and a quotation. We also have the resources to produce initial sample tests and prototypes at short notice. Welcome to Contac. Our goal is for you to make more money on your high quality products!