Plastic & metal

Moulding in metal, aluminium and zinc

We mould aluminium, zinc, magnesium, copper and even iron in a number of different alloys. Part weight can vary between 1 g and 50 kg depending on the project and method. Die casting is a common method, but methods such as sand casting are also possible. Larger volumes are run in automatic picking machines and smaller series are handled manually. Through the meticulous control of repetition accuracy and metal temperatures we can offer high production quality over time. Various kinds of surface treatments such as tumbling, anodising, plating and painting etc. are available.

The flexible producer with high technical competence

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Through our sales offices in Sweden and personal visits we will help you find the best solution taking into consideration your requirements concerning execution, cost, function and quality. Contact us and we will quickly produce a proposal and a quotation. We also have the resources to produce initial sample tests and prototypes at short notice. Welcome to Contac. Our goal is for you to make more money on your high quality products!