From components to complete
electromechanical solutions

Product overview

Cable harnesses

The correct harness and the right connector of an affordable quality makes all the difference.

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Circuit boards

We know which components do the right job for the right price.

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Plastic & metal

From injection moulding in plastics to moulding in metal.

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Complete products

From prototype to aftermarket.

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The High Quality Producer

Our offices

We are a leading supplier of cable harnesses and other electromechanical solutions. Our customers are found in most industries and sectors spread over all parts of the world. Long-term, support, cost effectiveness and high quality are watch words in our business. We handle both “high-mix, low-volume” and high volumes in our factories in Sweden and China.

Our team of engineers, designers and buyers will help you, the customer; produce the right solution for your needs. Over the years we have worked on most types of projects and, together with our partners and our factories, we ensure that the end product meets the requirements. When it is time to deliver we have a well-developed logistics solution that can handle any demands that can be made of a leading supplier.


“Our goal is to make your business more profitable…”

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